Dynamic city Vincity Sportia utility

VinCity Sportia is a dynamic sports city that never sleeps. Besides the highlight owning the largest Sports Park in Vietnam, VinCity Sportia has full Vinschools, Vinmec International Hospital, Vincom Centers. When the city is a city, all the needs of residents from health care to education and entertainment are met.

In addition to modern design apartments, you also have excellent Singapore facilities such as:

♦ Owning Southeast Asia's leading Sports Park with more than 1000 outdoor gymnasium machines
♦ Possess more than 200 types of sports grounds
♦ Owning a civilized living environment full of conveniences
♦ Owning favorable coordinates, on the arterial axis of Thang Long Avenue of Hanoi Capital
♦ That is VinCity Sportia, Dynamic Sports City is planned according to the model
♦ The metropolis as Singapore and more of Vingroup.
♦ Diverse school system from Kindergarten school to high school
♦ Vincom Centers
♦ Vinmec International Hospital
♦ Green space and new park facilities